BACTIL® General Disinfectant, 20x Concentrated, Rose Fragrance, 5 liters

BACTIL® General Disinfectant has a unique formula that clear and kill stubborn (stubborn) bacteria or what known as antibiotic-resistant bacteria like CRPA or MRSA.  BACTIL® General Disinfectant destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses on floors and hard surfaces such as tables, doors, windows.  The regular use of BACTIL® General Disinfectant will keep surfaces free of pathogenic viruses and bacteria and will reduce the spread of infections caused by contact with contaminated surfaces.

Direction for use

General use:
Dilute BACTIL® General Disinfectant 20 times in water (5%) and apply to contaminated surfaces and wipe off with a clean dry cloth.

Biological de-contamination:
For disposable tools, immerse in diluted solution 1:10 in water (10%) for 3 minutes.
For spills contamination, apply BACTIL® General Disinfectant without dilution before wiping off.
No need to rinse with water after using. For perfect results, don’t mix BACTIL® General Disinfectant with other disinfectants or detergents.


Iso Propyl Alcohol 10%, water, anti-bacterial essential oil components less than 5%, perfumes and synthetic dyes.


Keep away from children reach.
When contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
Wear protected gloves when usage.
Store BACTIL® General Disinfectant below 50° C.

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