Get to know him .. An Arabic remedy that kills Corona in 30 seconds

Get to know him .. An Arabic remedy that kills Corona in 30 seconds

Yakoot Island Modern Industrial Factory, registration number 225516 at the Chamber of Commerce

A scientific study conducted by a research team of academic experts at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Umm Al-Qura University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, concluded the extraction of harmless plant material to eliminate the Corona Virus family, including Covid 19, and to disinfect surfaces, solid objects and floors from viruses and pathogenic microbes within 30 seconds.
According to the Saudi newspaper “Around”, the study conducted at the laboratories and laboratories of the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University’s College of Medicine, took 6 years, and was approved by one of the most prominent American laboratories (BIOSCIENCE LABORATORIES, INC) concerned with different corona viruses, recognized by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, The ability of the effectiveness of the extracted plant material to eliminate corona and similar viruses at a toxic rate of zero (zero) on cells from the study sample. The research project demonstrated that the substance is safe, harmless and has no side effects on living cells.
The head of the research team, Dr. Sami Ashqar, that a patent application for registering the material has been deposited with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, noting that the extracted plant material has proven its ability to limit the spread of viruses, stubborn bacteria, or what are known as antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are the primary cause of killer hospital infections such as bacteria ( CRPA) or (MRSA), and results revealed the ability of the material to disinfect floors and hard surfaces such as tables, doors, windows, etc., and reduce infection while human contact with it.
The research project was able to develop the active plant material and use it in the manufacture of several biological products that are environmentally friendly and have no side effect on human health. Among these products: a general disinfectant for surfaces, a floor cleaner, liquid soap for hands, and other products in the process of manufacturing, adding that the products were registered as a brand name “Bactel” for “Pactec”, one of the startups in the Valley of Technology, the investment arm of Umm Al-Qura University.
Dr. added. Ashkar said that the product had already been launched locally, and the Makkah Valley Company initiated a call to several government agencies, ministries and agencies, to cooperate and contribute to curbing the spread of the Corona pandemic through specific partnerships.

Source: Al-Yemen Al-Saeed newspaper

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