BACTIL® Hands & Bath Antibacterial Liquid Soap, Lavender Fragrance, 5 liters

BACTIL® antibacterial liquid soap has a balanced and refreshing formula suitable for hands washing and bathing. BACTIL® antibacterial liquid soap destroys and eliminate the virulent bacteria from the skin. BACTIL® antibacterial liquid soap with its unique formula kills and eliminate stubborn (stubborn) bacteria or what is known as antibiotic-resistant bacteria like CRPA or MRSA. This particularly useful for health care workers and those working in places with frequent contact with animals or those involved in preparation of fresh food for direct human consumption.


Water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide, MEA, betaine, methylisothiazolinone, antibacterial essential oil component, perfume, sodium chloride, citric acid and synthetic dye.

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Executive Director / Khalid Ashqar



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