Why BACTIL is unique

A research team of academic experts at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Umm Al-Qura University managed to extract a safe and harmless substance that can safely be used to clean surfaces, hard objects, and floors, as well as hands

BACTIL® Privileges

Its ability to eliminate stubborn (stubborn) bacteria especially antibiotic-resistant bacteria also known as multidrug resistance (MDR), the leading cause of deadly hospital infection Such as bacteria (CRPA) or (MRSA), and destroy them on floors and hard surfaces such as tables, doors, windows, etc., and thus contribute to reducing their spread and reducing the infection caused by contact with them

Its ability to eliminate coronaviruses (causing the current pandemic) on hard surfaces within 30 seconds

The active substance is a harmless natural plant extract

The BACTIL formula is a genuine and unique qualitative formula


المدير التنفيذي خالد أشقر





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